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This campaign is set 2 years after the formation of the Empire. Many Jedi are still on the run or have fallen to the dark side, and the scum and villainy of the galaxy are finding themselves in more than "hot-water" as the Galactic Empire takes seizes control of the galaxy.

During this time, countless alien species are being eradicated or enslaved at the behest of the newly declared Emperor, with those who have survived the onslaught  entering into horrific and unspeakable agreements with the new xenophobic government to keep them and their peoples alive.

Aliens are not the only ones to feel the Empire’s wrath, as hundreds of worlds are caught in the cross-fire of battles with former separatist colonies, or consumed by the Empire’s rolling war machine.  The resulting displacement of billions of beings is that the Mid and Outer Rim Territories are the only places many refugees can find solace.

The galaxy at large is turning into a much harsher place to live. Assassinations, bribery, corruption, debt, murder, shady business dealings, and everything in between are common among the ever widening society based cracks that have opened in the wake of the Clone Wars.

It is in these crevasses and shadows that our campaign takes place. The primary question in this campaign is this:

How can people survive on the edge of the Empire during these turbulent times, and to what lengths will they go to in order to protect their ideals and livelihood, especially when they also find themselves protecting those who are hunted by a corrupt Government?



The campaign will have a sandbox structure, with the stories driven by the characters themselves. Adventures will contain elements of each character's backgrounds and how they interact with the overall plot. There will be no limitation as to what types of characters can be played. My intention is to run a trilogy of "seasons", with twelve (12) "episodes" contained within each season. Each "season" will have a theme running throughout. An Episode will consist of one or two game sessions.

Campaign Background

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