STAR WARS: Junkyard Heroes

SEASON 1 - Episode IX

When the Hutt Sings


When the Hutt Sings

While on the trading world of Lekaz, the crew of the SWAMP RUNNER have become embroiled in an altercation with a group of mercenaries with ties to a former nemesis of GRIMES

After settling their differences, and the seeds of doubt placed in the mercenary leader's mind, the crew contact Imperial ISB Agent CHEELA WAAN with the hope of making a deal that could allow them to return home.

With the promise of a clean slate, VEX PLUNI and his crew arrive on Qi'Ilbre, a world controlled by BLACK SUN and home of the notorious gangster TRESKA THE HUTT who they intend to steal documents from that could keep the Empire out of their business forever….

Grimes: Betrayal

Part I: Light 5 / Dark 4
Part II: Light 2 / Dark 5

Part I: 15
Part II: xx

Part I: The PC leave Lekaz after containing their ISB associate Cheela Waan and making a deal with the Imperial to clear their name for the cost of agreeing to complete several jobs The first was to steal the accounting records for the Hutt Crime Lord Treska who was on the volcanic urban world of Qi'Ilbre. Upon arrival, the PCs learn all they can about the Hutt's fortification, the Sky Needle Palace which looms over Qi'Ilbre's capital. After kidnapping the Hutt's accountant, the PCs use the Sky Needle's sewer out-take pipes to gain entry the Hutt's quarters. Posing as technicians, Max and Grimes are led into the main bed chambers of the Hutt where they hope to steal the data they need. Unfortunately they remain under the watchful eye of Treska's Head of security, a muscular Trandoshan. Meanwhile, "One", Cassandra and Vex Pluni enter the main audience chamber with the captured accountant to act as a distraction while they execute the rest of their plan.

Part II: 



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