Dark times have befallen the galaxy. It has only been a few years since the destruction of the Jedi Order and the rise of the Galactic Empire with billions of non-humans displaced, forcing many to start again in the Outer Rim Territories.  As the GALACTIC EMPIRE institutes sweeping changes, merchants and smugglers scramble to collect on the increase in commercial and passenger traffic, thus giving rise to a shadier and more corrupt underground.

During these desperate times, the refuse of war, the twisted wrecks of Separatist and Republic starships, has become currency, and those willing to sacrifice themselves in order to secure the parts and contraband to repair and scavenge these relics have found a new way of life.

The confusion and desperation however has also created a haven for bounty hunters, crime lords, loan sharks and outlaws who have not hesitated to take advantage of the situation this making the Outer Rim a dangerous place for anyone, especially those wanted by the Empire.

While the Empire struggles to control the systems it has wrestled from the dead hands of the Separatist fleets, a small group of criminals, ex-cons and individuals who wish to just hide away from the galaxy, find themselves on the swampy world of Gelaed at odds with several local authorities and nefarious businessmen who are in the way of them making their way in the world, and ultimately a profit….


STAR WARS: Junkyard Heroes

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