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The Star Wars Role Playing Game using the Fantasy Flight Games Narrative Dice System is an amazing set of rules which embraces everything that makes Star Wars what it is – a fantastic action and fun filled story. Players are the central focus of the story much like they are in the films and television series, and using the system allows the story to be more of a collaborative effort of everyone at the table, not just the Game Master.

The rules for this new system are different, and will be unlike any game system you may have experienced previously. No longer is a difficulty set by a target number that must be equaled or beaten – its a set of rules which emphasize the phrases:

  • "No, and…"
  • "No, but…"
  • "Yes, and…"
  • "Yes, but…"

Successes will be described by the players in order to enhance the narrative, while failures will initially be the realm of the Game Master. As players experience the system more, degrees of failure may be described by the players as well.

It should be mentioned, that these rules are not for everyone. The game is not a matter of number crunching with a binary game resolution. A lot of what happens in this system is determined and is the responsibility of the players, especially such things as descriptions and narration of what is happening in a scene. No longer is this the realm of the Game Master solely.

The small menu at the top left will take you to some of the campaign setup/background of the campaign, the restrictions of characters, various rules, and most importantly, the expectations I have of my players and what you can expect from me as a Game Master.

Character Creation

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