Droid (Astromech) Technician (Slicer)


After being assigned to the newly promoted Nautolan Jedi, Tag Farla, R2-FU began his “life” as an Astromech Droid travelling the Galaxy. With the majority of his missions consisting of escorting Diplomats and Jedi Supply ships he quickly built up an impressive databank of astrogation charts of planets important to the Jedi.

Tag was also a kind master, encouraging FU to develop his interests in piloting and never requesting mind-wipes to eradicate any eccentricities the droid was developing. The first few years of their partnership were carefree and filled with learning for the Droid and his master.

Then the Clone Wars began.

Being a relatively experienced pilot meant that Tag was assigned to lead a squadron from the beginning of the War and having a talented Droid companion meant that they excelled at any mission they were sent on. They were quickly seen as the team to have at your side especially when the chances of a dogfight were high. There were a few occasions where Tag was rendered unconscious in battle and FU fought for the remainder of the fight without anyone in the squadron being aware or if they were nothing was ever said. Tag, with the help of FU, quickly became quite and awarded pilot.

Then Palpatine declared Order 66.

It was supposed to be a “milk run”, a well-earned rest after a particularly emotional mission where Tag had lost a few fighters under his command, escorting a Jedi ship to the outer rim for some harsh terrain survival training for younger students. It was to be Tags last mission and FU would never be the same afterwards.

Due to the remote location and lack of Clone Troopers in system, mercenaries, pirates if you will, were used for some of the Jedi eradication procedures. Using the element of surprise the ship was attacked as soon as it exited hyperspace, the pirates knew what they were up against and were prepared.

Tag and FU never even made it out of the hanger bay.

As Tag lay in the wreckage of his fighter dying, not fully aware of the seriousness of the situation, the Force pulled at him to see to his droid and protect the astrogation charts held within FU. The precious data was moved to a hidden storage bank on the droid, so that the Jedi would still have access to a few locations of safe-havens that only Tag and his squad knew about. Tag died not long after amidst the sound of battle as the Pirates took over the ship.

FU was unaware of all this, the damage from the attack had rendered most of his systems inoperable and what energy he had left went into maintaining his memory storage systems and personality circuits. It was during this time that he and some other droids were moved and resetting of their memories was performed… while a lot of information was purged the result of the unskilled attempt left FU with some of his previous personality and it activated a personal transponder hidden in the droids body.

Awareness returned to the small droid upon the application of new programming he was to be a slicer now, working in a junkyard on a remote swamp planet. The junkyards mechanic, a definite kindred spirit, felt that his talents at repair would be better added to if the droid was able to handle the computing side of things rather than doubling up on mechanical aptitude. FU is still able to repair and astrogate but his core processes are now suited more to slicing into computer systems and droids to “reassign” their ownership or bypass security. His need for adventure is now being fed with low-level criminal activity.
There is one crew member that always leaves him feeling puzzled. A young female healer that can occasionally be seen glancing his way with an apprehensive look on her face… who knows, biologicals can be weird sometimes.


Obligation: Witness Protection (Useful to the Empire)

Due to the unknown databank within FU he has information that would help the Empire track down hidden Jedi strongholds and safehavens. While he may not know it, the Empire are hunting for any old connections to the Jedi Order and an Astromech Droid previously owned by a Jedi and his new life amongst the Junk may not hide him forever.

Obligation: Obsession (Aces High!)

Due to his previous owner being a Jedi fighter pilot during the Clone Wars, FU developed a love of dogfighting that he has never shaken even after the mind-wipe following his masters death due to the events of Order 66. Whenever there is some form of battle going on if there is a unoccupied droid slot in a nearby starfighter, FU will try to make his way to it and use whatever ship he has commandeered to aid his allies… even if it’s not the wisest of moves. FU, while not the most mechanically adept Astromech Droid is also piecing together his own “Droid Starfighter” out of parts he finds useful in the Junk yard… while it may take a very long time he is confident it will be a fine ship. Often the crew-members have trouble locating him as he is out scavenging for more parts… it’s not easy for a wheeled Droid to get around a swamp!

Obligation: Responsibility (I Failed the Order)

The same area of un-deleted data that keeps FU obsessed with flying starfighters has also retained his feelings of responsibility towards the Jedi order. Somewhere in his data-banks he knows he failed to keep his Jedi Master alive and will work toward helping anyone who has some connection to the Light Side… no matter how tenuous.

Motivations: Oath (Justice)


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