Dug Explorer (Driver)


Like most of those who grow up on the streets, Grimes lived a life of crime to get by. By the time he was a young adult, this Dug had a long list of misdemeanours, and was of course known by the local authorities. He would spend years in and out of prisons, short stints at a time. Grimes had a natural flare for being behind the wheel, and so it was inevitable he’d become a freelance getaway driver – offering his talent to whoever paid the most. This became a lucrative business for Grimes, that was until he was finally busted and thrown into prison, which would turn out to be his longest stint yet.

Grimes wasn’t too phased by his time locked away, after all he’d spent half of his youth behind bars, and so prison felt like going home. Eventually he’d be released, and so he paid a visit to his associate Domiri Terei; a human woman, who would, for a cut of the earnings, source jobs for the Dug. However though, Grimes would quickly discover that Domiri was long gone, having packed up and vanished into the ether, along with the stash of credits Grimes had entrusted to her. To add insult to injury, Grimes would also find his name blacklisted as a liability; no one had any interest in hiring a getaway driver who wasn’t actually able to getaway.


Obligation: Betrayal

Grimes had trusted Domiri Terei with his substantial nest-egg, and had of course been counting on it when he was eventually released from prison. However Domiri has vanished, and with her his hard earned credits. And to make matters worse, Domiri had been hard at work tarnishing Grimes’s reputation, ensuring that he’d never get a job driving again. Domiri left a knife in the Dug’s back, that’s for sure. They had been close, and Grimes can’t help but wonder why she’d been so malicious.

Motivation: Relationships (Comrades)

Grimes has always lead a lonely life, his closest family up until recently had been cut throat criminals. However, his time working on the junkyard has opened his eyes to what having genuine comrades is like. He can relax around these people, something he could never do in his former life. Grimes will do anything to ensure the bonds between he and his comrades remains as tight as possible.


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