Maximilian "Max" Booth

Human Technician (Modder)


Jonas Booth, Max’s father, was a brilliant man. He could make almost anything out of seemingly nothing. He displayed knowledge and abilities way beyond what a normal humble repair man should have, yet that was his job in the small town they lived in on Malastare. At least that was his day job for at night he would be in his workshop working on wonderful devices.

From the moment he could walk Jonas’ son Max had an attraction to his father’s workshop and all the wonderful devices his father invented. At such a young age Max was not allowed to play with the inventions but he was allowed to play with the unwanted pieces that his father deemed to be junk, because to Max it wasn’t junk – it was potential.

Max had a natural gift with taking things apart and putting them back together, although they always seemed to go back better than when they started out – well most of them did.

Sometimes visitors would come to see Max’s father in his workshop late at night, and it was at those times that Max was not allowed anywhere near his fathers shed.

One time though, Max used his newly repaired and modified remote to see what was so important about these meetings. He didn’t see much, except a flash of a robed figure’s hand, before the remote went shooting across the workshop and smashed into the opposite wall. Just before the remote lost reception, a blurred image of a bearded man was leaning over the downed remote. Through the audio, Max heard his father apologise, explaining that it was just his son’s toy. The stranger commented, "It is more than a toy <bzzzzt> he has your gift. Jonas <bzzzzt> remain hidden <bzzzzt> She is still <bzzzzt> protect the <bzzzzt>.” Then the remote went dead.

Max wondered, lying in bed waiting for the punishment he knew was coming. What was it that needed to remain hidden? And what needed protecting, and most importantly who was she? Could that be his mother? Max never knew his mother, and his father never talked of her to him. Max got into a lot of trouble for that night and never did ask his father about what the stranger said.

After the incident involving the mysterious stranger, Jonas asked Max to join him in the workshop of an evening, to begin his education. Max began to learn under his father’s guiding hand, absorbing everything like a sponge, helping his father on stranger and stranger projects.

As part of his day job Jonas often visited a grumpy old Dug called Risa Rukaru who owned a junk yard on the outskirts of town. He would purchase bits and pieces for his repair shop and have long discussions with Risa. Max, from his first trip to this place, was entranced with it. He could see potential everywhere he looked. During the long discussions between his father and Risa, Max would wonder off into the great junk piles and find all sorts of lost treasures.

For several years Max would often skip out on his chores to wander around the that junk yard. Old Risa at first chased Max off, but Max kept coming back, when Max found a valuable piece of tech buried in a pile slated for smelting and presented it to Risa, Max was allowed to come any time he wanted. He would never forget the Dug’s words, “Just make sure you bring me any more of these interesting pieces you find”.

On the day of Max’s Fathers death it was Max’s tenth birthday and Jonas, knowing his son’s love of the junk yard, excused him of his chores for the day so he could wander the junk piles. Even buried deep in the junk yard Max could hear the ship fly over, it was a big one, bigger than anything he had heard before. By the time Max had crawled out from under an old wreck, there was already smoke in the air and alarms ringing. As he ran to Risa’s office, an explosion went off in the town. Someone was attacking the town.

Risa grabbed Max and took him inside. He kept the boy safe during the fighting, telling him it was to dangerous to return home just yet. It was several days before Risa escorted Max back to his home, and both he and Risa raced out of the junk yard in the Dug’s old truck heading towards the town, back home, only to find nothing left but a crater whose area covered where several homes should have stood, and right in the centre was were Max’s home should have been, there was nothing left.

Believing Jonas had been killed as a result of the explosion and having no other living relatives on Malastare, Risa took the boy in and cared for him (well as good as an Old Grumpy Dug could).

Risa was unusually generous in taking Max in, especially for a Dug, but Max was generally left to survive on his own. Living in a junk yard and having to fend for himself most often led Max to the streets which inevitably led to falling in with one of the street gangs.

Max was pretty small for his age so in order to survive he had to use his brain as well as his fists, luckily his constant tinkering with discarded tech, led to the creation of some useful if not illegal items, this attracted the attention of Naltus Ngangaase the gang boss, who took him under his wing and Max was allowed to tinker to his hearts content, as long as that tinkering led to weapons the more illegal and modded the better, Max knew this was not right not what his father would have wanted of him, but he had a constant stream of parts coming in from the gangs scroungers, as well as getting food for his belly and parts for other undertakings for his foster father Risa.

Risa led an interesting life, no one bothered him, not even the gangs, he didn’t seem to sell much either, but had lots of interesting visitors come to the yard. I mean things came in and things went out, but the junk yard didn’t seem to change much, Max knew every inch of that place and would know if anything major had changed.

One such visitor was an Neimoidian named Vex Pluni he was an interesting character, seemed genuinely interested when I told him what I did with myself and what that my dream was to one day own my own junk yard, Risa would laugh at this and say sure kid and when that happens ill fund it for you.

Max worked for this gang for five years and in that time the gang rose to prominence within the area and grew in numbers. Unfortunately with this growth came unwanted attention of the authorities. It was this attention that ended up getting Max locked up.

Generally Max wasn’t allowed on jobs not unless there was a particularly new weapon mod that needed to be field tested, and he had pestered Naltus enough to allow him to go, then Max would tag along to review how the unit functioned under harsh conditions.

On one such mission Max would earn his gang name, he was thirteen rotations old and had just managed to scrounge together the parts for a blast knuckle glove, he needed to test it and knew it was not very safe, I mean there is a blaster strapped to your wrist and it fires across the top of your knuckles when you punch, and no one else wanted to test it.

The operation went well up to the final few moments when the crew got trapped by authorities in a building with no way out, Max, always thinking outside the box, thought that he could possibly use the glove on the rear wall of the building and thus, hopefully, blast a exit hole for the crew. Well untested tech, utilised in a manner not within the design parameters, the blow back alone could be deadly, that’s if it worked.

Max, stepped up to the wall and punched with all he had, the blaster fired as planned and the wall blew out just large enough for everyone to get clear. In Max's excitement of the success he didn’t even notice he was bleeding badly. Once back at the base the crew all sang Max’;s praises and announced his gang name as “hole punch”, meanwhile the gang’s medic, a young human female named Elissa Zinra noticed Max’s injuries and quickly tended to him. He ended up with bad scaring on his right hand especially the knuckles, a couple of scares on his face and a very bad broken nose that would never properly heal. But the tech worked.

It was another tech test mission many years later that ending up exhausting Max’s luck, he had known that the Authorities where very interested in the person responsible for the illegal weapon modifications that the major street gang was using and with the gangs growing success, size and the ever increasing brashness of Naltus’ plans, it was becoming harder to operate in anonymity. If it wasn’t for that unfortunate contract driver Grimes getting caught and with one of Max’s newest creations, the “Battle Car”, he would still be working within the gang.

It wasn’t the Grimes’ fault he got caught, rivalries in the gang were not uncommon, as gangs merged or were taken over, old inter gang rivalries carried over despite the strong leadership of Naltus. Anyway these rivalries were normally settled with violence, but sometimes they were settled via more nefarious means, like what happened to the gunner on the “Battle Car” Jonsi, he was with Grimes, who had been hired several times by Naltus as he was a good driver, one of the best on Malastare, and somehow the authorities knew of their hiding place and nabbed both of them.

Two days later Risa’s junk yard was raided and Max was taken, the Authorities stating they had an eye witness that could identify Max as the infamous tech making all the illegal weapons that were being used on the spat of gang thefts and murders in the capital. Risa quietly told Max the he would contact someone to help, just leave it to him he'll sort it all out, it might take a little while but it will get sorted.

Max was taken off to work in a labour camp for his crimes, mining deep underground for the toxic fuel that was Malastare’s prime export. It was deep under ground that he met up with Grimes again, together they toiled, the place seemed to change Grimes, he said he found religion there deep underground, surrounded by toxic gases. Max wasn’t sure it was religion he found more like a touch of fuel madness, but he was a nice enough Dug and to each their own, maybe he had found faith who could say.

Max spent two years in that mine, if it wasn’t for the Battle of Malastar and the awakening of the last Zilo Beast he probably would have still been down there. During the battle Max lost contact with Grimes, but found Risa on the surface, with the Neimoidian Vex Pluni, busy paying off some guards, as Risa covered Max with a tarp and threw him into the back of his beat up truck.

In the midst of that chaos Risa managed to get Max to a ship, more credits changed hands and soon both Max, (Grimes and Vex – entirely up to you guy’s this bit) were leaving the planet, bound for a distant world.

When Max arrived on (insert current planet name here) he was greeted by an associate of Risa’s, who had some credits for Max and a place to stay. Risa had left instructions that Max could pursue anything he wished he just should keep his head down for a few years. Well since the Clone wars were still raging Max, did exactly that.

However Max's fascination with discarded tech and junk yards never really left him, and he had always dreamed of owning a junk yard, so he could pursue his passion to its fullest surrounded by possibility. In fact a junk yard would enable him to do the ultimate mod, a pure custom starship, it would be his Magnum Opus.

So when the war ended Max had found the perfect junk yard to buy, it was a fixer-upper- er but it had character and lots of very old junk, some really really old junk.

Max immediately set out to find investors, he first went to his known associates and friends, but soon realised he would not have the credits to do what he wanted. Remembering Risa’s old promise made many years ago to a young boy, Max sent word to Risa via the local contact that he was going to buy a junk yard, a jovial response came back with “I remember the promise, but that was to a boy and was made in jest, however I shall help you out, Max but you must help me in return”. Max agreed instantly, much I think to the consternation of Vex, who would often mumble about the terms being way to vague and how could he take such a deal. Grimes of course loved the idea of a junk yard, as long as it had a truck, well it did… of sorts.

It wasn’t long after that that new friends arrived, bought home by Grimes after one of his foraging expeditions, a Human and an Astromech Droid.


Obligation: Debt

Risa Rukaru on top of taking Max in a looking after him for many years, fronted credits (seed money) and parts for Max’s star ship endeavour, Max owes Risa a great deal, a debt that can never be paid, at least not in Max’s eyes. When Risa Calls Max endeavours to respond as quickly as possible, no questions asked.

Obligation: Criminal

Max’s departure from Malastare and his imprisonment was not technically legal, but the disruption of the time and the loss of so many lives on that day, meant that Max has managed to get away from his punishment, thus far, But the empire does like its paper work in order. So when his body is not found and when some bean counter is told to work out the prisoners who are dead and who are missing, i am sure Max will once again be on some officers to do list to be taken back to the fuel mines to serve out the rest of his sentence with lots added for escaping.

Motivation: Innovation (Modification)

Apart from constantly fiddling with devices, which are almost always not his, to make them better. Max’s life dream was to own a junk yard, but that was really only a means to the ultimate end. to build a truly one of a kind space ship, the junk yard has allowed him to start that project

Maximilian "Max" Booth

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