Cassandra Northelwyn

Human Consular (Healer)


Cassandra was born into the wealthy noble family of Kellsallien on Coruscant. From an early age she showed aptitude in the force and was taken in by the Jedi Temple. Her young years were spent here, sheltered in the temple, learning rudimentary force techniques. She proved to have a good grasp of healing theory and a desire to help and protect those in need and had begun in healing and medical lore in addition to her more mundane and standard training. She had begun to assist in helping Jedi in taking the younger ones out on their field trips, and it was during one of these excursions that Cassandra fell from grace.

The group was on their way out to the outer rim, multiple Jedi and support personnel where aboard the ship. Training continued during the journey and all was proceeding as expected. However when the vessel dropped out of hyperspace, it wasn’t were they expected to be. Alarms blared throughout the ship. Then an explosion rocked the vessel. The crew were rushing to emergency stations as word came in that multiple vessels were lying in wait and had opened fire as they came out of hyperspace.

Cassandra was commanded to look after the younger students and was instructed to stay in one of the training rooms along with a Jedi as a guard. More explosions rocked the ship, and then the sounds of fighting aboard the ship could be heard over the comms. Then it became quiet. The comms silent.

The door to the training room opened. Blaster fire erupted from the doorway. The Jedi stationed to protect the room couldn’t withstand the onslaught and fell. Screams filled the room as students were injured. Sheltering a child Cassandra took a blaster hit from and struggled to remain focused. A group of people from various races entered the room, a few kicked the fallen Jedi. They began to take hold of the children and began dragging them from the room. As one kicked Cassandra and grabbed the child she was sheltering she cried out in anguish, yelling at the people to stop, and why they were doing this. One of them turned to her and laughed, his response was simple “Its just business”.

They hadn’t killed her yet, but they kept her under threat of death with a few of them training blasters on her as they took the last child. Some of the crew entered the room, receiving pats on the back from the pirates. Nearly all the pirates were injured in some way due to the battle with the Jedi and loyal crew. Cassandras anguish at what she had just seen turned to hatred towards the crew who had just betrayed them. As they began to leave one of them said that they could kill her now. As one of them focused his blaster, Cassandra embraced her hate and the pirate fell to the ground. Confused the others looked at him, then turned to Cassandra, then another fell to the burning hatred in Cassandra’s eyes. Yelling in panic they fired wildly, hitting Cassandra and she slumped to the floor. The pirates fled and sealed the room.

When Cassandra woke the ship was quiet and dark, seeking out the control panel she tried to access the systems. The lock was easily disabled and upon reviewing the ships status her heart sank. The ship was derelict and the bridge seemed to have been completely destroyed. The section she was in was still mostly intact, though it showed signs of an attempted explosion and sabotage. Cassandra turned to contemplating what had happened and what she had done. What she had done went against everything the Jedi taught, she had succumbed to her hate and fed upon it. Feeling that she couldn’t return to the temple even if she was found, she resolved to make up for what she had done, and hadn’t done.

Cassandra lost track of time, she didn’t know how many days had passed. She had moved all the dead she could find and placed them in the airlock, while she couldn’t bring herself to just jettison them, she did remove the air and left it sealed but in vacuum. Their belongings and the damaged droids she collected and stored in one of the remaining rooms. Knowing that the droids could hold sensitive information she tried to reset their memories, but was unsure of how well she had accomplished this. She was unable to find, let along activate, any form of rescue beacon. Rationing what food she could find, she waited for the inevitable.

Waking with a start Cassandra looked nervously around, she was in a simple room with some basic medical equipment nearby. She had no idea when she fell asleep, or how long she had been out, and now, she had no idea where she was. She prepared for the worst and secreted one of the scalpels from the med kit. A little while later the door opened and a Dug entered. It began speaking in its native tongue, Cassandra had no idea what it was saying. Responding with such it asked “Jedi”, Cassandra hesitated and glanced at the ground, then looked back up at the dug and replied with determination “No, but I can use the force to heal, and I’m a medic”. After a moment the Dug spoke some more, nodded and left the room. As she sat there contemplating on what would happen next a familiar grey and orange astromech rolled past the door, it stopped and moved back into the doorway. The two of them stared at each other for a moment and then the droid beeped something and continued to move down the corridor. Cassandra murmured “R2-FU…?” was this one of the droids from the ship she was on, it looked just like the Jedi masters droid, if so, she hoped she had done enough to hide or remove its memories.

And so it was that Cassandra met Grimes, and joined the junkyard. She now used the surname Northelwyn, so as to create some distance from her previous self and now. And at the suggestion of Grimes she refrained from displaying her force ability, and relied upon her more normal skills, hoping to hide her ability. With the end of the war between the Republic and the Separatists, and the eradication of the Jedi Order, she was even more reluctant to show that she had ability with the force, though she would use it if the need arose.


Obligation: Responsibility

Cassandra has taken it upon herself to look after orphans in her local area. Stemming from her guilt at having lost the children on the starship to pirates, she feels responsible and has taken it upon herself to look after the local orphan children.

Motivation: Drive (Guilt)

Cassandra has sworn an oath to herself to help those in need and protect her friends and family, something that she feels she had failed to do upon the Jedi training starship when it was attacked by pirates and the children were taken.

Cassandra Northelwyn

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