STAR WARS: Junkyard Heroes

SEASON 1 - Episode III
Credit Fever
Credit Fever

The GALACTIC EMPIRE almost suffered a critical blow when an experimental fighter was stolen by local mercenaries, only to be returned by those same individuals so they may gain favour with local crime lord BOSS HOAG.

Imperials, keen to learn more about the happenings on the planet, have established a small outpost under the command of Lieutenant LAYLAND JITTLE to gather intelligence and assist local constables with keeping dissidents in line.

With the increase in Imperial activity on Gelaed, VEX PLUNI and his companion's attention has been drawn away from the shady dealings of local underworld figures, and now find themselves victims in a dangerous plot to sully their reputation….

Part I: Grimes (Betrayal)
Part II: None
Part III: None

Part I: Light 8 / Dark 1
Part II: Light 4 / Dark 2
Part III: Light 4 / Dark 2

Part I: 15
Part II: 15
Part III: 15

Part I:

  • The PCs travel to the Spit and Polish Cantina to rest and recuperate after a long week and their harrowing experience stealing the prototype TIE Fighter
  • The Twi'lek secretary Dah'Sey arrives with a blaster burn injury and is soon tended too.
  • She reveals that the junkyard has been seized by Imperials and Hoag's men.
  • Moments later 4 Stormtroopers and 3 of Boss Hoag's goons arrive to take the PCs into custody.
  • A fire-fight breaks out with several Stormtroopers killed and the thugs knocked unconscious.
  • The PCs flee the scene and find a secluded spot to discuss their plans.
  • Vex reveals a datapad filled with detailed information about the search and seizure warrant, the arrest warrant for Grimes and the complaint from an unknown Corellian Conglomerate. They learn that there was 3 million credits stolen from the warehouse (owned by Boss Hoag) and the credits belonged to the Correllians.
  • The PCs contact Boss Hoag to claim their innocence and ask if they can look into the matter using the fact that the PCs were responsible for getting Hoag's stolen TIE fighter back as leverage. Hoag reluctantly agrees but only allows the droid to investigate.
  • The PCs travel to The Pits which is where the warehouse is located and use their forged passes and association with Boss Hoag to gain entry [Triumph used to allow permanent access to city].
  • R2-FU is left at the warehouse to conduct his investigation whilst the others investigate the surrounding area for clues.
  • Grime and Cassandra come across a shady deal between one of Boss Hoag's Lieutenants and another human. When the two are recognised, things go south, but with quick thinking, the two escape with not only their lives, but with an electronic credit chip they learn is fake.
  • Meanwhile Vex and Max scout around the bars and find the Corellians carousing in one of the local establishments. The bartender informs Vex that the belligerent Corellians are picking fights having lost a substantial amount of money that was stolen from a local warehouse.
  • R2-RU gains entry to the warehouse and after a short altercation with an Imperial Investigations Droid, takes a copy of several hours of footage including the fact that Grimes has been caught on holocam stealing the cargo.
  • R2-FU also learns that the internal security droid who guards the warehouse during the evening was hacked remotely by a well known Slicer known only as "Nix"
  • "Nix" has been known to be employed from time to time by a women named Domiri Terei.

Part II:

  • The PCs continue their investigation into why they have been framed, and find themselves in a local saloon in The Pits called The Tepid.
  • The Tepid is run by an old Twi'lek named Ra'tuna, known for his prosthetic leg, the PCs venture there knowing that the Corellians who have lost their shipment are drowning their sorrows there.
  • Max converses with the bartender whilst Vex befriends the Corellians directly, particularly the leader of the group, Kenwuu Novar.
  • Cassandra and Grimes continue their investigation into what the credits chips are and why a man was killed after one of the fake credit chips were sold to him. Their leads ended up at a dead end, and so all members of the group, converged at the saloon.
  • Upon arrival, Grimes, who was known to be the one responsible for the theft of the fake credit chips, and in turn the Corellians run of bad lack, is set upon, and the saloon is soon the scene of a shootout.
  • The PCs manage to flee the scene, but not before "rescuing" one of the Corellians, a woman named Cheela Waan.
  • Cheela identifies herself as an Imperial Operative who has been undercover in the Corellian's operation for a few months as part of an ISB Operation. She takes the PCs to her private suite to learn more about what they know.
  • Cheela explained that she believed that the PCs were not responsible, but that the evidence was there to suggest that they were thanks to the recording.
  • The PCs showed Cheela the footage, but unfortunately the footage wiped itself. The footage was examined and now Grimes is partially convinced that he was there, but can't recall how.
  • In the footage, a calling card was confirmed showing that the footage was tampered with somehow by one of Terei's slicers named "Nix".
  • The PCs start searching the database for signs of Domiri Terei and her cronies. During their search by R2-FU, Cheela could not justify her harbouring the PCs any longer, and so set off an alarm which causes the Imperials to come racing.
  • The PCs flee into the street, but become separated with Grimes, Cassandra and Max in one group and R2-FU and Vex in the other.
  • Grimes, Cassandra and Max venture into one of the larger bilge pumps in order to escape. Unfortunately, the three became stuck, with Cassandra and Grimes becoming seriously injured. Max was able to re-route power, enabling them to reach the safety of the tubes.
  • Meanwhile R2-FU and Vex made their way to the speeder on the top level of The Pits. R2-FU found an abandoned terminal, hidden behind several posters which it used to release the bilge-pumps, and shunt the others to their location. R2-FU also learned that  Grimes' former associate had taken the stolen credit chips to the main starport.
  • The PCs then took off towards the starport to confront Domiri Terei and her companions.

Part III:

  • xxx
SEASON 1 - Episode II
The Prototype Affair
The Prototype Affair

Whilst the galaxy teeters on the brink of civil war, the isolation of the Dominus Sector remains a viable locale for the GALACTIC EMPIRE to hide away some of its more dangerous experiments and special projects until their need arises.

The sector is also the home of the swamp world of Galead, a system where little happens and yet is a place of many secrets for those willing to scavenge the remains left in the wake of the Clone Wars.

Secrets in the Outer Rim tend not to remain hidden for long however, especially when such a discovery can provide a substantial reward for those who know where and when to look….

DESTINY POOL: Light 3 / Dark 4

SEASON 1 - Episode I
Remains of the Day
Remains of the Day

The Clone Wars has passed and the fate of the galaxy has been sealed by a corrupt government lead by the indomitable EMPEROR PALPATINE.

Whilst the tyranny of the GALACTIC EMPIRE sweeps across the galaxy, a small group of former criminals and miscreants hide away on the marsh-like world of Gelaed to forge their fortune amongst the stars as owners of a junk-yard.

Led by Neimodian entrepreneur VEX PLUNI, the venture recently acquired the bridge section of a destroyed Separatist vessel whose former occupants are proving to be less than cooperative….

DESTINY POOL: Light 6 / Dark 2


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